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As a professional baby photographer Tonbridge, I have been privileged to have completed a great many wonderful photo shoots capturing timeless images of newborn babies which will last a lifetime.

Who Am I?

My name is Kate Aekbote & I got engaged with baby photography and children photography professionally after I finished Fine Art degree at London Metropolitan University, where I specialized in art photography. But before that, having already one little child at home, I photographed his small and big adventures on a daily basis. Photography has been my passion since my teenage years really. Back then I was fascinated by landscape photography, and I still do a lot of it.

Why do I enjoy so much baby and children photography?

With newborn baby photography I feel really privileged and happy to capture this very special time when the child is born and we look at that baby in amazement and wonder, because every Baby Photographer Tonbridgeminute of its life is so magical and passing.

With children photography, I like the fun of it. Because the session turns into a playground. In the forest, in the park or maybe at the animal farm. I either photograph a child discretely when it has some good time playing and exploring or engaging in the play myself. I love to capture these special moments when the child is unaware of my presence, fascinated by something else as only a child can be. This gives us a glimpse into its own world, where everything is magic.

Newborn Baby Shoot

It is best to photograph the newborn baby between their 4th and 10th day if you want this cosy, curled up, sleeping look. This is the time when little ones sleep a lot and it is easiest to pose them. The shoot takes place in the comfort of your own home. I come with all the photographic equipment and set up a small studio in a room. I also bring all the props- blankets, wraps and cute hats, but let me know if you have your own favourites that you would like to include in the shoot. The session will take around 4 hours. Sometimes longer- I never look at the watch. As a mum myself I understand baby needs come first, so don’t feel bad if we need to take few breaks for changing, feeding, etc.

Children and Family Shoot

Children and family sessions take 2-3 hours and can take place at your home or at a chosen location. It can be your own garden, your local park, a forest, or we can meet at the seaside! Any place that will bring your special memories. The session will be just another day of fun for a child, playing and exploring the world, with me photographing at the background. Few portraits, yes, to diversify your photo collection, otherwise I take a lot of the photographs when the child does not notice me.

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Contact Us

Should you need any further information regarding the premier baby photographer Tonbridge has to offer, please contact me on Tel. No. 07725 550714 or via e-mail at and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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