About sessions

creative baby photography

Newborn baby shoot

It is best to photograph the newborn baby between their 4th and 10th day if you want this cosy, curled up, sleeping look. This is the time when little ones sleep a lot and it is easiest to pose them. The shoot takes place in the comfort of your own home. I come with all the photographic equipment and set up a small studio in a room. I also bring all the props- blankets, wraps and cute hats, but let me know if you have your own favourites that you would like to include in the shoot. The session will take around 4 hours. Sometimes longer- I never look at the watch. As a mum myself I understand baby needs come first, so don’t feel bad if we need to take few breaks for changing, feeding, etc.

Children and family shoot

Children and family sessions take 2-3 hours and can take place at your home or at a chosen location. It can be your own garden, your local park, a forest, or we can meet at the seaside! Any place that will bring your special memories. The session will be just another day of fun for a child, playing and exploring the world, with me photographing at the background. Few portraits, yes, to diversify your photo collection, otherwise I take a lot of the photographs when the child does not notice me.

Bump to Baby shoot

Bump to Baby session consists of two shoot – one while you are pregnant and another when your baby arrives.

Pregnancy session is nice to take when you are between 33-37 weeks pregnant. Your curves will be well visible but you will not yet be so tired as at the of the pregnancy and you can still go through the photo shoot. It takes 2-3 hours. The style of this photo shoot depends on you; what you feel comfortable with. How much you want to show or cover your curves, whether you want to make it at home or on location – the decision is yours.

After the shoot

Within two weeks of the shoot, you will be able to view your photographs at the password protected gallery at my website and select the ones you wish to purchase.