About Kate

creative children photographyI got engaged with baby photography and children photography professionally after I finished Fine Art degree at London Metropolitan University, where I specialized in art photography. But before that, having already one little child at home, I photographed his small and big adventures on a daily basis. kate aekbotePhotography has been my passion since my teenage years really. Back then I was fascinated by landscape photography, and I still do a lot of it.

Now I am a mum of two. My son Roshan is 13, my daughter Sarika just 5. We live in a peaceful town of East Grinstead. Being half way between London and the coast, I serve parents from London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Why do I enjoy so much baby and children photography?

With newborn baby photography I feel really privileged and happy to capture this very special time when the child is born and we look at that baby in amazment and wonder, because every minute of it’s life is so magical and passing.

With children photography, I like the fun of it. Because the session turns into a playground. In the forest, in the park or maybe at the animal farm. I either photograph a child discretely when it has some good time playing and exploring or engaging in the play myself. I love to capture these special moments when the child is unaware of my presance, fascinated by something else as only a child can be. This gives us a glimpse into it’s own world, where everything is magic.